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Confirm your Account

Service Providers must have accounts created in Wastebits by a member of the Waste Facility who manages their Portal. Send these instructions to your Waste Facility contact if you need to have an account created:

You can follow these instructions to confirm your account once it has been created: How to Confirm a New Account.

Receive Authorization for your Client

Hopefully, the Facility member who invited you also authorized you to the appropriate Generators, but if they did not, read more about requesting access here: Requesting Access to a Generator Company (For Service Providers).

You may also wish to send the Facility member this article regarding giving you access to your Generator(s): How to Authorize a Service Provider to a Generator Company

Log in and Manage Your Manifests

After you've confirmed your account and been given access to your generators, you will now be able to start creating Waste Streams and Non-Hazardous Manifests for your client.


If you have any further questions about your non-hazardous manifest, contact your Waste Facility representative. If you have questions about how to use the Wastebits system, you can contact Wastebits Customer Support via the help tool in the application, or you may reach us via phone at 1-844-256-8760.