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    Wondering what other collaboration and administrative tools are available for Waste Streams? This article will detail the currently available options.


    The Comments feature in each Waste Stream gives a space for its collaborators to communicate and ask questions. Comments can be private to the Company or shared to all Companies on the Profile.

    How to Add a Comment

    The Comments feature is available once a draft Waste Stream has been saved once. To add a Comment, click on the Comments sidebar.

    Click Add Comment and a text box will appear. Enter your text, then click Save Comment to add it to the Waste Stream.

    All users on the Waste Stream will receive an in-app notification that a Comment has been added. Keep reading for tips on how to narrow the audience of your Comment or specifically mention who the Comment is for.

    How to Make a Comment Private (My Company-Only)

    If you want the Comment to be visible only by members of your own company, click on the Private to my company only checkbox prior to entering your Comment. You will notice that the text box will turn yellow when a Comment has been marked as my-company only.

    How to Mention a Specific Company or User in your Note

    Click the @ button or simply type an "@" symbol to trigger the Mentions list and select who you would like to notify. The list that appears will show you all possible members to mention on the Waste Stream and what company they are a part of. This allows you to be specific about who you want to notify, and the mentioned User or Company knows they are specifically needed.


    You may wish to clone if you are creating a new Waste Stream that is very similar to an existing one, and you don't want to retype the entire thing.

    • The waste may be slightly different
    • The waste may be the same, but the Companies are different

      To Clone a Waste Stream...

      Open the Waste Stream you wish to clone. Use the Actions menu and select Clone.

      Select a new title for the Waste Stream, if you so desire. Contacts and Documents added to the Waste Stream will be duplicated, but any Approval information, Comments, or History will not. Click Clone and you will be taken to your new Waste Stream.

      Print a Waste Stream/Approval

      Waste Stream Print

      Open the Waste Stream you wish to print. Use the Actions menu and select View PDF.

      A PDF version of the document will be created and you will be prompted to open that PDF in a new window. Note: ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled or you may have trouble opening the document. Use your computer's printing options to finish printing the Waste Stream, or save the PDF.

      Approval Information Print

      Approval information will be included at the bottom of the Waste Stream PDF when the Waste Stream is in an Approved status.


      Open the Waste Stream to which you wish to attach a document. Click on the Documents tab then select Upload New Document.

      Documents uploaded in error may be deleted by hovering over the three dots to the right of the document and selecting Delete from the menu.

      History & Compare View

      The history list on the Waste Stream will show you all actions that have been taken and by which users. Each activity will have a link to show you what the Waste Stream looked like at that point in time and give you an option to compare it to the current version.

      Open the Waste stream you wish to review then click on the History tab. You will see the list of actions that have taken place. Click view on any activity on which you wish to view the Waste Stream at that point in time.

      1. Select Compare to view the selected historical version side-by-side the current version
      2. Toggle between different historical versions using the date picker

      Any changes that have been made between the two versions will be highlighted. See changes in documents by clicking on the documents tab.