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Click Create Waste Stream

In order to create a new Waste Stream, you must navigate to Waste Streams in the sidebar, then click Create Waste Stream.


Select the Companies and Sites

(1) Generator Company and Site

Depending on your User type and your Company's settings, the Generator Company and Site may already be pre-filled. Otherwise you can select from the options in the list, or you can follow any of the following instructions if you need to create or request a Generator Company or Site:

(2) Facility Company and Site

The Facility Company will be pre-filled. Select the Destination Facility for your Waste in the Site selection.

(3) Service Providers

If you are a Service Provider... You will automatically be added to the Waste Stream you're creating. If you're working with another Service Provider, you may add them by clicking the Service Provider button and selecting them from a list of all Service Providers within the Portal.

If you are a Generator or Facility user... Click on the Service Provider button to add up to two Service Providers to a Waste Stream. Service Providers that have already been authorized to create Waste Streams on the Generator's behalf will be indicated, but you can also choose to add any Service Provider in the Portal to a Waste Stream individually.

    (4) Billing Site

    The Billing Site selection will include all Generator and Service Provider Sites for you to select the appropriate one.

    Select the Waste Type

    If your portal has Profiling and Approvals enabled, you will be given the option to select the Waste Type in the dropdown. Waste Streams for MSW and C&D will not require an approval and will ask fewer questions. "Other" Waste Streams will require approval and the system will ask for more information as you characterize the waste.

    Enter Waste Description

    Non-Profiled Waste Streams

    For waste streams that do not require an approval (MSW and C&D) you will be able to answer a few simple questions and click Save. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk*. As you enter information, a Waste Stream Preview will complete that will show you how the data will appear on a manifest.


    Profiled Waste Streams

    For Waste Streams that do require an approval (all "Other" types) you will see a Waste Stream builder form appear. Begin by naming the Waste Stream and toggling any of the appropriate initial selections. As you toggle on selections on this screen, additional questions will appear. Complete the Waste Stream by answering all pertinent information on the following pages, then click Save.

    The final step in creating a Waste Stream is to review and save your information. If there are any changes that need to be made before saving, you can click Previous Step to go back, or click on the sidebar to go directly to a specific section. Once you save, all companies on the Waste Stream will be able to see the draft.

    Add Contacts to a Profiled Waste Stream

    Once you have saved your Profiled Waste Stream, you may specify key Contact(s) from the existing users in the Generator and Service Provider Companies.

    Click Add Contact then search in the box that appears for the existing user that you wish to add. If the user has specified a title or phone number in their Account Details, you will see that information here. You have the option to add a telephone number if it is missing. Click Add Contact to continue.

    You may also choose to Create a One-Time Contact if the Contact you wish to add is not already a User in the system. Enter the Contact's details on the form that follows and click Add Contact to continue.

    You will now see the contact listed on the Waste Stream and will have the option to remove the contact if they were added in error, or mention them in a comment.

    Submit Profiled Waste Streams for Approval

    Once you have created your draft Profile, you can submit it to the Facility by clicking Certify and Submit.

    A Certification box will appear for you to type your name, then submit the request for approval to the Facility.

    If you have submitted the Profiled Waste Stream in error, you may undo it by clicking Retract Submission and Edit.