Software, Services, & Reporting for Waste

Wastebits provides a full-service platform that connects the waste industry like never before.

Innovative software-based solutions for the entire waste industry:

  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Gain valuable insights
Waste Facilities

Waste Companies

Power your business with a digital solution built for large and small operations.

  • Wastebits Insights™
  • Waste Profiles & Approvals
  • Scale House Software + more
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Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Solutions

Reduce your environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals through innovative waste tracking and reporting technologies.

  • Waste Profiles & Approvals
  • Return-to-Vendor & Takebacks
  • Custom Development + more
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Waste Haulers

Waste Haulers

Find hauling opportunities near you, leverage digital manifests, and more.

  • Special Waste Solutions
  • Waste Manifests
  • EPA e-Manifest + more
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Waste Brokers

Waste Brokers

Connect resources with a comprehensive system & instant communication.

  • Wastebits Insights™
  • Custom Development
  • Wastebits Platform™ + more
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Waste Contractors

Environmental Contractors

Handle a greater variety of waste with an efficient digital process.

  • Special Waste Solutions
  • Wastebits Insights™
  • Waste Profiles + more
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Residential Waste

Residential Waste

Find local waste solutions or request pricing for disposal services.

  • Disposal Facility Locator
  • Full Service Removal
  • Roll-Off Dumpster Rental
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Image Description
Image Description
"New technology and operating procedures can be intimidating, but the folks at Wastebits have gone above and beyond by helping our internal team as well as our customers unlock all the benefits of their online profiling software."


Less Costly than
Existing Solutions


More Efficient
Bulk Management Tools


Faster Turnaround
or Greater

Connected Waste Software & Services

Wastebits' waste stream, manifest, and scale house tools are powerful alone—but they’re even better together.

Wastebits Insight Engine

Collaborative tools to simplify your workflow

Wastebits is flexible enough to integrate with your current ecosystem, and powerful enough to replace it. With one place to manage your customers, waste data, manifests, and scale tickets—you gain unprecedented insight into your operations and save time switching in and out of different applications.

  • Instant Access & Communication
  • Eliminate Repetitive Work
  • Empower Customers & Vendors
  • Instant Search & Reporting
  • Track & Compare Changes
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Trusted by some of the leading names in waste:
Clean Earth
Best Way
EC Waste
World Oil
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