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Go to Manifests

Click on the Manifests icon to be taken to the Manifests list. Use the filter to select the Reconciliation status.

Select a Manifest to Reconcile

Use the menu (indicated with three dots) to select the Reconcile option on the Manifest you wish to process.

Enter the Needed Information

You will notice any notes from Wastebits in the info box at the top of the screen. Otherwise, follow the form on the right side of your page to enter any missing/illegible information. Boxes with missing information will be indicated with a red exclamation point.

Resolve Reconciliation

Once all necessary information has been entered, click the Resolve Reconciliation button. On the form that appears, use the text box to enter any information you would like Wastebits to know about the Manifest. If you have any trouble using the Reconciliation tool, you may also enter the missing information in this box.

Click Mark as Resolved. Your Manifest will now be returned to the Wastebits team for final review.