Newest Functionality Releases

Take a look at these tiny... but mighty updates to our application. Our goal is to make your user experience more streamlined and efficient.

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Updated on Feb 27, 2024

Long Tag Warning

If your tag exceeds our 50 character limit, you will be notified that your tag will be truncated to accommodate for size.

Truncate Tag

Document Display Order

If you have a long list of documents, you can now sort by ascending or descending order by date for easier viewing. Simply click on the arrows listed next to the Documents header to sort your view.

Document Sort

Updating Waste Streams After Approval

Do you ever have Waste Streams that are submitted and approved just in time for you to notice that a simple change needs to be made? Perhaps the Facility you approved the waste to go to is closed for a holiday, or maybe the generator noticed that as they were prepping their material for transport, they had more than they thought and needs to change their quantity. If you would like your approval team to be able to go into a waste stream and quickly update the waste stream without having to retract it and send it back to the generator to make the adjustments, please let us know here and we can activate this functionality within your portal right away.

Edit Approved Waste Stream

Create Site From a Company Template and Copy Company Data

When creating a company within your portal, you now have the ability to create a site directly from your company template. And that's not all! You can now also copy your company data into your site name/address to eliminate double data entry. We're all about time saving!

Company Creation

All of the data that you entered into the Company Template can be transfered over to the Site Template with a flip of the toggle!

Site Creation

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