V8.6.4 Release Notes and New Features

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Written by Cyndi Arnold

Updated on Jun 20, 2023

New Features

This new release is packed full of new feature functionality to help organize your company.

Editing a Waste Stream After Submission

Currently, if edits need to be made to a waste stream after the waste stream has been submitted, you need to retract the submission and the customer needs to edit the waste stream and resubmit. We have created the ability for you to be able to edit the waste stream in the submission status (prior to approval) without having to retract it. This feature functionality is only available on a per-facility basis.

If you would like this feature turned on at one or more of your facilities, please contact customer support here.

Bill-To Toggle in the Site Form

While entering or editing a site form, you now have the option to list the site as "Billable" by turning on the "Billable" toggle at the bottom of the form. Currently, the billable toggle is not linked to any functionality within the waste stream, but we will be building upon this feature in coming months to assist with any internal accounting needs.

To go along with the toggle, we have provided you with an advanced filter to be able to display any sites listed as billable or non-billable within the company or underneath the sites tab.

Sites Tab Upgrade

We just gave the Sites tab a facelift! You will now notice that Sites are now displayed in our new card-style display, similar to waste streams. The filters and functionality work the same as before. You do also have the same option as in the waste stream tab to display your sites in card view or in row view.

Updates to Waste Stream Tagging

Tags have been such a great function and addition to waste streams to keep you organized, and we just stepped up our tag game! Here are the new things you will see while attaching tags:

  1. Ability to add multiple tags at once.
  2. Enhanced search functionality. Drop-down pick list that allows you to see all of your tags easily.
  3. Endless color options. We have provided you with a new color pick chart that allows you to pick from any color or enter your own Hex code to assign a color to your tags.

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