Waste Tracking Software

Waste tracking software for generators and scale houses.

Wastebits Waste Tracking

Wastebits offers a web-based solution to monitor and track the movement of your waste stream, as well as the tools needed for scale houses to manage their operations.

For Scale Houses: Scale Ticket Software

Wastebits provides a centralized location for scale houses to manage deliveries and scale tickets across all of your waste facilities. With our scale house software, we provide the ability to:

  • Record deliveries at waste facilities / landfills
  • Attach those deliveries directly to an active waste stream
  • Track the status of deliveries on a waste stream in real time

For Generators: Tracking a Waste Profile

While managing your waste profiles within Wastebits, you are able to access a "Track Waste" tab that shows key information relating to waste tracking:

  • Amount of waste shipped
  • Remaining waste to be shipped
  • Scale ticket details and status

Track your waste from cradle to grave, and quickly identify bottlenecks in the journey with our waste tracking software.

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