Scalehouse Software and Integrations

Whether you are looking to tie in your own scalehouse software or need a built-in scale ticket solution, Wastebits can provide the tools to organize your weighing records, simplify the scale operator's job, and eliminate costly errors.

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Integration with Approved Profiles & Manifests

By managing your approved profiles and manifests within Wastebits, a few clicks are all you need to fill out scale tickets and connect the data in one location.

Print with or Without Pricing

Control the information that you print out for others by selecting whether you'd like the scale ticket to include pricing, or keep that information private.

Granular Control and Access

By giving others outside of your organization access to their scale ticket data, you save time having to be the one to give that to them whenever they need it. Granular controls mean you only give them access to the information you would like to share.

Simplify Your Reporting

Generate reports at any time, using customized control to output the exact data that you need. Biannual reporting just became much, much easier.

Searchable, Efficient Storage

With digital records, a search bar is all you need to have instant access to current and past scale ticket data. No longer do you need physical copies in boxes to leaf through when a particular record is needed.


With high grade encryption (256-bit AES) your data is locked and secure, but available for you exactly when you need it. Our 24/7 backups are redundant, meaning even our backups are backed up.

Accessible Anywhere

Portability is a major advantage of web-based software, allowing all of your data to travel with you and able to be accessed wherever you need it.

“I really like the Wastebits software, it is without a doubt one of or maybe the easiest and most user friendly system I have used to date. The support staff has been outstanding with his training and assistance with just the few questions I've had.”

–Ken Crumpler, SWS Environmental Services
Wastebits Insight Engine

Wastebits' waste stream, manifest, and scalehouse tools are powerful alone—but they’re even better together.

Wastebits is flexible enough to integrate with your current ecosystem, and powerful enough to replace it. With one place to manage your customers, waste data, manifests, and scale tickets—you gain unprecedented insight into your operations and save time switching in and out of different applications.

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