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Regulated Waste Turnkey Solutions

If you run an MSW and/or C&D business and are looking to expand your service offering into Special and/or Regulated Waste services, Wastebits has turnkey solutions where we provide the back-end support as well as the technology that you need safely and compliantly grow your business.

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Build and Grow your Regulated Waste Business

Whether you have an existing regulated waste business or are ready to start handling these profitable waste stream yourself, Wastebits provides the turnkey solution needed to start saying "Yes" to hazardous and special waste.

Our turnkey solution provides:

  • Regulated Waste Technical Service Center
  • Wastebits Software Backbone
  • Profile Creation and Approvals
  • Shipping Documentation
  • EPA Integrated Reporting Services
  • Sales and Compliance Training

Recover Missed Opportunities

Regulated waste is a profitable, growing opportunity for waste handlers, but not everyone is equipped to handle these opportunities so they pass them along to others with the capabilities. Wastebits works with you to provide your own in-house solutions so you can stop passing up these revenue streams.

We Provide the Backbone, Your Secret Weapon

Think of this as "Profile Management as a Service," providing the back-end system to handle the process of managing regulated waste. You handle the selling, and we will handle the process and paperwork, becoming your secret weapon to tap into recurring revenue streams.

We're in Your Corner

Our experience speaks for itself as experts in the regulated waste arena, providing software and service assistance for thousands of haulers and working with some of the top names in the waste industry. We will be here to support you every step of the way with training, education, and on-call support.

Haulers have used Wastebits to track waste.
Profiles have been managed via Wastebits.
Double your margins or more with Regulated Waste.

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