Tidewater Landfill Inc

Tidewater Green

339 Coast Guard Road, Venice, LA 70091 • (504) 361-0094

We provide recycling services to reduce the debris that ends up in landfills, clogging them and posing environmental degradation. We do this in several main areas:

Roof Shingle Recycling

We work with roofers, contractors and builders, taking in their old shingles and recycling them into materials that can be used for asphalt to pave new highways. Roofers dispose of their shingles and roofing materials to us… We turn them into asphalt materials… Roadway pavers, developers and government agencies purchase the recycled materials from us. Through this green process, waste is eliminated and our communities benefit from improved roadway infrastructure.

Wood Recycling

Tidewater Green partners with Waste Management, the US Navy and other companies to clean and grind wood materials down into fuels that are used to produce steam power and energy. Bring your wood to us!

Mobile Wood Grinding

We provide onsite mobile wood grinding services. Tidewater Green Corp. operates a slow speed wood grinder on tracks with a cross belt magnet that enables us to process the most difficult wood waste streams. Contact us for more info.

Acceptable Waste

Contact Details

Street Address

339 Coast Guard Road
Venice, LA 70091
United States

Phone & Fax

P: (504) 361-0094
F: (504) 361-8844

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