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Sawyer Disposal Services, LLC

Clean Harbors

12400 247th Ave SE, Sawyer, ND 58781 • 800-554-3289

Clean Harbors’ Sawyer Facility (a.k.a. Echo Mountain) is a fully permitted treatment and landfill site for non-hazardous industrial waste, liquids, solids, and sludge (including decharacterized RCRA hazardous waste), bulk, and containerized waste.
Disposal cells are constructed with a triple liner system. Waste is contained in two layers of impermeable synthetic landfill liners and a three-foot-thick layer of engineered clay. The cells have a leachate collection and removal system as well as a leak detection system. This design provides excellent long-term security for industrial waste placement. Underlying the entire area is high-density, low-permeability, in situ clay. These factors make it virtually impossible for any waste at the Sawyer facility to have an adverse impact on the environment.
The final disposal location of each load is tracked by a three- dimensional gridding system. In addition, a North Dakota Department of Health inspector stationed at the facility oversees compliance with environmental rules. Clean Harbors’ indemnification policy ensures customers’ liability protection.
The Sawyer facility has rail access located off-site, which can take shipments including intermodal containers, gondola cars, and tankers. Our uploading lift can unload roll-off boxes and other bulk materials up to 25 tons from a flatbed.

Typical Customers: Agriculture/food producers, suppliers & manufacturers; oil companies, producers & refiners; oil-related service companies; remediation/cleanup contractors; government facilities

Acceptable Waste

Services Offered

  • non-hazardous industrial landfill―handling bulk solids and liquids, drums, super sacks, palletized boxes, totes, lab packs
  • solidification―routinely process 100 tons per day of bulk solids or 16,000 gallons of bulk liquids. larger volumes can be processed with special scheduling
  • fly ash stabilization agent for sale
  • norm management and sampling
  • Truck Washing Services
  • Shredding Capabilities On-Site
  • storage prior to final treatment and/or disposal
  • On-Site Thawing Facility

Contact Details

Street Address

12400 247th Ave SE
Sawyer, ND 58781
United States


P: 800-554-3289