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ReCommunity West Palm Beach

ReCommunity Recycling

5860 45th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 • (561) 640-4000

ReCommunity is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is a leading recycling and recovery company that is focused on dramatically reducing the volume of land-filled waste through conversion into useful products such as recycled commodities, ReEngineered Feedstock, bio-fuels and other value-added recycled products. ReCommunity operates 36 facilities in 13 states, and employees over 1500 people.

The company aims to lead a Recovery Revolution by repositioning waste as a strategic community resource instead of a growing liability. ReCommunity enables community partners to generate additional revenue, recover community owned resources, create new jobs, fund budget shortfalls and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Street Address

5860 45th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
United States

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P: (561) 640-4000
F: (561) 640-3400