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R. Fanelle and Sons Recycling

1466 Ferry Ave, Camden, NJ 08104 • (856) 964-1955

Founded by Rocco Fanelle in 1914, R. Fanelle's Sons was one of the first scrap iron and metal yards in Camden, NJ. Rocco and his wife Rose immigrated to America from Italy in the early 1900's. They eventually had ten children, three girls and seven boys. Those sons worked at the yard and ultimately became the owners of R. Fanelle's Sons Scrap Iron and Metal. Scrapping soon became the sole supporter of this very large family. With Rocco laying the foundation for the boys' knowledge and expertise in the metals industry, the business continued to grow and succeed. R. Fanelle's Sons is now a leader in the local scrap iron and metal industry and is renowned for excellent customer service. It's sole third-generation owner, Thomas Fanelle, has developed the operation even further. Tom ensures that his employees are treated exceptionally. He also continues to support the City of Camden and it's surrounding communities. After over 40 years in the trade, Tom has gained the insight and experience necessary to properly and respectfully run a successful company. Tom's children, fourth generation Fanelle's, are now also working at R. Fanelle's Sons. The Fanelle family continues to strive to please our customers and satisfy the need for metal recycling within the environment. We will continue to keep honest our business practices and ethical our management. Thank you to all of our customers and clients who have been so loyal throughout the years. You have helped make R. Fanelle's Sons what we are today.Family run since 1914, R Fanelle's Sons deals in scrap iron & metal recycling. Open to both corporate & individual customers, no appointment needed. With this passing new year comes great change. On January 4th, 2016, R. Fanelle's Sons was aquired by after 102 years of service. This decision comes after much consideration and is bittersweet for all involved. It's been our pleasure to serve you, our community, and the surrounding areas for so long and we are proud of the legacy we've left behind. It is with humble and grateful hearts we thank you all... for your loyalty, business and friendship throughout the years. As of today, Tuesday, January 5, 2016, we can no longer accept scrap material and will direct any inbound traffic to EMR on 6th Street. If you have questions or need further assistance, our phones and main office are still in operation; please don't hesitate to call. From the bottom of our heavy hearts, thank you once again. May this new year bring joy and prosperity to all.

Contact Details

Street Address

1466 Ferry Ave
Camden, NJ 08104
United States

Phone & Fax

P: (856) 964-1955
F: (856) 963-9079