Unitek Solvent Services

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Environment-Friendly Solutions

Unitek Solvent Services is Hawaii’s largest collector of oily waste and waste antifreeze. We provide the following services:

Tire Recycling
Used Oil/Anti-Freeze/Used Oil Filter Collection
Solvent & Parts Washers
Petroleum Sump Tank Cleaning
Vacuum Truck Services
About our company

Unitek is primarily engaged in the recycling, reclamation and re-use of waste materials. Unitek has provided solvent parts washer servicing since 1981. The spent petroleum solvent is reclaimed through distillation into re-usable cleaning solvent. The Company also collects used oil and recycles it into an alternative and/or supplement to diesel fuel. The Company’s newest service and commodity is scrap tire recycling and offers on-site antifreeze recycling, as well as collection and recycling alternatives. The Business activities are conducted with customers primarily in Hawaii.

Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers