Superior Lubricants

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Superior Lubricants, a certified ISO 9001:2008 company, is the premier distributor of lubricants and greases for automotive, industrial and governmental entities.

Since 1979 Superior Lubricants has fueled its growth by blending an industry-leading product line with superior service and distribution innovations. The company’s most recent example of “Superior Innovation” is its CORE Program. CORE, and acronym for Continuous Optimization, Replenishment and Enhancement, brings sophisticated inventory management solutions to fleet accounts, dealerships, and repair/service shops, as well as industrial accounts. Specifically, CORE improves the inventory position for its clients. CORE balances demand with replenishment to ensure the right products are at the right place, at the right time. In doing so, CORE prevents costly stock-outs, while minimizing inventory carrying costs.

In addition to designing and implementing inventory solutions, Superior Lubricants offers an extensive product line in key categories, including:

Lubricants – Chemicals – Filters – Parts and Supplies
In addition to the CORE program, Superior Lubricants provides a number of related services, including:

OilTRAC Oil Analysis for keeping equipment at optimum performance levels and extending the life of your equipment assets.

Oil Purification Services enable clients to lower lubricant costs without compromising product quality, by purifying oil contaminated by water and/or particulate.

Environmental Services help clients mitigate risks by staying abreast of all federal, state, and local regulations related to compliance, as well as specific Environmental, Health and Safety requirements. Environmental Services include:

Parts Cleaning – Waste Disposal Services (oil, oily water and antifreeze)
Vacuum Services – SDS Compliance – Absorbent Products

Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers