Popular features restored to our Wastebits Profiling Platform (v1.13.3)

In this update to the Wastebits Profiling Platform, we are restoring (and enhancing) capabilities that we removed in the last design update. 

These capabilities include:

1. Option to save your Waste Stream sort & filter settings


2. See when attachments were actually added


3. See which attachment actually changed in the Compare view, and view the attachments!


We have a few more feedback-related updates in queue, including:

  • Clearer separation of Waste Profile sections
  • Restoring the ability to manage Company Contacts on your Waste Profiles
  • Notes will be considered modifications to the Waste Profile (so it bumps them up in the sort order of your Waste Stream list view)

Lastly, I want you all to know that I am very appreciative of all of the positive and negative feedback on changes we make to Wastebits. It calls us to be a better company, and helps us deliver the very best products and services to our customers. Stay vocal!


Patrick Sullivan, VP of Product @ Wastebits


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