Three More Items Released Today

In the last update we restored/enhanced several features - you can read about them here if you missed it:

We also let you know that there were a few more things coming in the queue, and we're happy to say that we're ready to release three more of those items to you today!

Notes will be considered modifications to the Waste Profile

Now when you sort based on last modified, Notes added/removed/deleted will boost a Profile to the top of your Waste Stream list view! Keep in mind that Profiles will sometimes show they've been updated, but they'll not show corresponding updates in the Activities list. This can occur because Wastebits allows you to create Notes that are private to a specific Company, and you may not be a member of the Company to whom the Note is private.

Cloned Waste Profiles open in Edit View

We introduced the edit view in order to cut back on accidental modifications to the Profile - but heard that it included more clicks than you'd like to have! To help with this, we cut out one click, so that now when you clone a Profile it will automatically open into edit view.

Clearer separation of Waste Profile Sections

With the redesign, we found that the sections of the Profile all tended to blend into one another, making it hard to see when you were moving from one section to the next. We added a visible separation so that you can more clearly see where one section ends and another begins.


Coming soon...

We are still working to bring back the ability to manage Company Contacts on your Waste Profiles - so don't fret, that is still on its way!

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